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[ profile] viola_canina is dictating my posts these days, apparently. I yoinked this meme from her.

The idea is to flip through your music player and write drabbles based on the first some amount of songs you hear. I did six, since I ran out of steam then, and kept getting songs I didn't know I had and had thus never listened to.

These are, as you probably guessed, Death Note. There is sex here, and there is some really gross descriptions of poison ivy--not normal poison ivy, but Nana's Ridiculous Infected Facial Poison Ivy TM. There are also greedy Kira worshippers, Mello being a jerk, Teru's Morals, and Light's mom asking him to look at birds when he's trying to do his homework. Enjoy~!

In which Nana wastes valuable time, and you get to read the product. )

Oh Lord, Won't You Buy Me A Mercedes Benz - Janis Joplin
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You probably don't remember this, but way back in the distant past (last month) I signed on to do this meme. For those who can't be bothered to click on the link, the meme is one where I have to write dialogues between characters. I've done three of the requests, with the help of the lovely [ profile] ich_bin_puppy. Those three are Ash & Light (requested by [ profile] templar1138), Mello & Ayame (requested by [ profile] stressbeertje), and Taichi & Near (requested by [ profile] expertease). The rest will be up when we write them. Enjoy the crack!

In which Light is shocked by Ash's abuse of small animals )

In which Ayame attempts to give Mello a makeover. )

In which Taichi tries to engage Near in a friendly game of soccer )


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