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It should come as no suprise to anyone who knows me that I am obsessed with all things medical. I'm also obsessed with music, so naturally I've combined the two obsessions and scoured the Internet for songs relating to illness and medicine. It has come to my attention that there are some members of my f-list who share this interest. So, for those of you who do, and for those of you who just need something to listen to, I've uploaded my collection. Some is new, some is not, but either way, I hope you'll enjoy it. Please note that some of these songs might be offensive...not all of them take the subject seriously.

All hail my pointless, dorky endevours, and on with the show!

Click Here For Sick! )

I am quite possibly the lamest person ever to exist. Ah well.
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You know that incredibly annoying Aqua song, Barbie Girl? Maybe you don't think it's annoying. I know plenty of folks who do, but let me tell you, I love it. And others did too, at least enough to make fun of it. Because what does mockery stem from if not from love? Anyway, without further ado, here's Life In Plastic, a mix based on Aqua's song and it's parodies! Enjoy!

Life In Plastic )

*Apologies in advance for any innaccuracies about who sang what--the Internet gave multiple results, and I don't know what to believe, so I just went with what the mp3s said.
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What is not to love about zombies? Whether they're sucking your brain out of your skull or just groaning unintelligably, zombies are lovable creatures indeed. This songmix celebrates zombies in all their glory. Have fun!

All We Want To Do Is Eat Your Brains... )
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Hey guys. I figured it'd be a good plan to put my FST up in a non-friends-locked place, since most of the people I want to show it to can't actually access it being where it is. Anyway, this is my very first FST, and it's a Sachiko/Soichiro one. A bit of fandom penance for my Sachiko/L fanfic, I suppose. I should probably try a Fruits Basket one next, awesome as Death Note may be. Each song has a little drabble attached to it, so I hope you'll have fun reading those, and maybe you can snag yourself some good music!

I'm Not Here, You're Not Here--A Sachiko/Soichiro FST )

The zip file can be found here.


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