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This is a Matt fanmix, made at [ profile] hervictory's request, at this meme. I actually sort of bullied her into requesting it, because I had a bunch of songs in mind for Matt for some reason, but there you go. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the music, and that you feel my choices make sense!


/i'm not like them/but i can pretend/ )
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This is an Akito fanmix, made at [ profile] dayari's request, at this meme. This goes far beyond what the meme requires, because for a very long time Akito Sohma was my favorite character in all of anime--and even though I've switched fandoms, he always will be. Besides that, a lot of the music I like tends to deal with themes that remind me of him in some way. Just so everyone knows, this is the anime version of Akito, except for one song. The two versions are very different in several ways, so I thought I needed to make that clear.


/it's my destiny to be the king of pain/ )
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This is a Near fanmix, made at [ profile] elisabell_angel's request, at this meme. It was very difficult for me to find songs that reminded me of Near--initially I only had one in mind. Some of it may not make immediate sense to those of you who aren't sharing my brain, but it's all music I consider excellent, and I hope you feel it's a good fit and enjoy the mix!


/he was a most peculiar man/ )
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This is a Mikami fanmix, made at [ profile] diluted_thought's request, at this meme. I stole the beautiful picture I'm using here from [ profile] viola_canina, and I edited it slightly to serve my purposes. If she minds, she's more than welcome to tell me to take it down, but anyway, credit goes to her! This mix focuses primarily on his post-Kira ruin, but I tried to get some songs that related to his general personality, and his life before everything came to a crashing halt in the Yellowbox Warehouse, too. There's also a lulzy bonus track. Enjoy!


/every day is exactly the same/ )
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This is a Misa fanmix, made at [ profile] melloxchocolate's request, at this meme. It got a little longer than just a mini-fanmix...apparently I had a lot of songs that reminded me of Misa!


/all i want is to be your harbor/ )
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This was made at [ profile] reka's request, at this meme.


/my name is i don't have a name/ )


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