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Birthdate:May 20
Location:New York, United States of America


Hello there! I'm Nana, and it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm mostly here to fangirl (Death Note, for the most part) and make friends, as well as occasionally ramble on about my life. I live in NYC, and I can be somewhat elitist about that, though I try my mightiest to hold it back. I'm obsessive and fairly bizarre, but I'm basically a nice person.

I write a lot of fanfiction, much of it Death Note, and even more...much of it, for [info]dn_contest, which I mod. I make AMVs, too, but that's as far as my fandom contribution goes. Well, that and endlessly analyzing character's psyches and motivations. And why L's pupils are dilated. I'm into that. Because it ties into medicine/the human body/disease, which is one of my major nerdy obsessions.

Other than that...I like ice cream. A lot. It is not unusual to hear me raving about how I want to have a certain kind of ice cream's babies somehow.

This was made by [info]diluted_thought, due to L/Sachiko being my OTP. My longest-running Death Note fanfic brings them together, and it can be found here: Kids

This was also made by [info]diluted_thought.

My current layout is made by [info]freelayouts, my current profile is made by [info]profile_design, and all icons are made by other people. If you made one of the icons I use and I did not credit you, please inform me so that I can fix this!

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1979, 1988, 87, amvs, anime, another note, artichokes, babies, baggy trousers, balsa gliders, benny lava, bitchsluthoslut, blue-lipped jeffrey, books, children, classroom drinking contests, cornados, cornography, crack, crazy loop, death note, destroying the earth, digimon, dn_contest, east sayid, ed edd & eddy, equine of no title, exploding, fail, fandom, fanfiction, fangirling, fruits basket, fubutrees, gibbous moons, honkytonk badonkadonk, hot chocolate, hunchback of notre dame, hydrolargs, ice cream, insulting trees, it ain't me babe, it's over, ken scholl, kensiom, kitties, kuroshitsuji, latte-producing vaginas, lesbian sex with mikami, living in my brain, mc mandible, medicine, mikami, morning punches, moyashimon, munchausen's syndrome, music, my cat is amazing, my fiance, my friends, my sister, names, naming electronic appliances, ocd, oregon trail, ouran host club, parenting, pika pets, plagues, police on my back, portrait of a lady, princess tutu, psychology, punching people, research, retarded tigers, rocko's modern life, rumbleroar, screaming disturbing lyrics, shades of grey, shou, sickfic, sky rockets in flight, slap chop, slut!mikami, sohma akito, square, stickers, swinging on the swings, talkin' bout my generation, tea, the brilliant green, the decemberists, the power of shower, the sims2, the vector, the young ones, they might be giants, thugahontas, thugarella, thugnificent, tiger took my family, toradora, triangulor, trilestifying, tuberculosis, ugly myfanwy, ultra sex, valetudinarians, west sayid, whatevs yo, writing, yakult, yu-gi-oh gx

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