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This is an Akito fanmix, made at [ profile] dayari's request, at this meme. This goes far beyond what the meme requires, because for a very long time Akito Sohma was my favorite character in all of anime--and even though I've switched fandoms, he always will be. Besides that, a lot of the music I like tends to deal with themes that remind me of him in some way. Just so everyone knows, this is the anime version of Akito, except for one song. The two versions are very different in several ways, so I thought I needed to make that clear.


/it's my destiny to be the king of pain/ )
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Title: All We Want To Do Is Fight
Author: [ profile] speaky_bean
Word Count: 1,158
Notes: I was just perusing my account, and I came across something I wrote semi-recently and forgot to post here. It's probably one of the last Fruits Basket fanfics I'll ever write, since I've more or less abandoned the fandom. Originally, I was trying to write Yuki/Kyo. They just wound up beating the shit out of each other. But they psychoanalyze each other in the process, and it has weird formatting. First person, too. it, it's short?

You asked for it. Prepare to lose consciousness, Kyo. )
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You probably don't remember this, but way back in the distant past (last month) I signed on to do this meme. For those who can't be bothered to click on the link, the meme is one where I have to write dialogues between characters. I've done three of the requests, with the help of the lovely [ profile] ich_bin_puppy. Those three are Ash & Light (requested by [ profile] templar1138), Mello & Ayame (requested by [ profile] stressbeertje), and Taichi & Near (requested by [ profile] expertease). The rest will be up when we write them. Enjoy the crack!

In which Light is shocked by Ash's abuse of small animals )

In which Ayame attempts to give Mello a makeover. )

In which Taichi tries to engage Near in a friendly game of soccer )


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